Max Out


Testing for your 1 rep max is a great way to test a few things, such as the effectiveness of your training program or finding any strength imbalance.

But it’s also just fun and challenging!

Here’s a general protocol in finding your 1 Rep Max:
1. After going through a general warmup start the first set with a light weight (approximately 50% of your anticipated 1-RM) Doing between 5-10 repetitions Rest 1 minute
2. For the 2nd set, Increase weight to about 70-75% of approximate 1RM, and do 3-5 repetitions Rest 1 minute
3. For the 3rd set, move up to approximately 85% of your predicted 1RM, perform 3 reps Rest 2 minutes For your subsequent sets, perform singles (1 rep) while increasing the weight by about 5% each set. Rest at least about 2 minutes between sets. Repeat until 1RM is found

REMEMBER: if possible, you always want to have a spotter when testing for your 1 rep max, in order to prevent injury. Also, learn how to fail a lift before testing for a true 1 rep max